gas and biogas meter for digester

Our flow sensors and flow rate measuring instruments demonstrate their strengths and outstanding excellence even for applications requiring extreme specifications and measurement requirements. Some examples are: explosive atmospheres, aggressive mediums, gases with temperatures up to 550 °C, mediums with particle or condensate content, high flow velocities up to 200 m/s, pipe flows with changing gas compositions or flow direction, and many more. The main focus of the flow rate measuring instruments here in use is measurement of gas flow rate. Höntzsch also offers a wide spectrum of flow rate measuring instruments and flow sensors for measuring the flow rate of liquids.

Biogas meter

The Vortex flow sensor VA  is an  flowmeter for low pressure biogas, landfill and sewage gas applications. The flowmeter is ideally suited to measure biogas with a high CO2 content as well as small amounts of other media like H2S, nitrogen, hydrocarbons or condensation water. Its corrosion resistant titanium transducers provide a strong ultrasonic signal into the gas. The signal processing of the meter allows a better detection of small, strongly dampened acoustic signals.


The  Vortex flow sensor VA  can integrated temperature sensor and optional pressure sensor that enables a temperature and pressure compensated standard volume calculation. The biogas meter also allows accurate online measurement of methane content in biogas and sewage gas (just ±2% error of measured value). This saves on costs as additional analytical systems for methane measurement are not needed. The biogas meter provides a wide measuring range. The biogas meter  comes with ATEX approval (zone 1) and digital communication options.


Measured  variables

  • actual flow rate
  • actual velocity
  • standard volume flow (in
  • combination with pressure and temperature sensors)


Examples of application

flow measurement in explosive atmospheres: air, exhaust air, sludge activation air, engine intake air, natural gas, waste gas, process gas, biogas, car exhaust emissions, flare gas, water vapour.





  • compact unit for explosive atmospheres with local display
  • applications in Category 1 (Zone 0 and 20); transducer housing approved for Category 2 (Zone 1 and 21)
  • no external isolation/supply unit necessary
  • recognizes even the lowest rates of flow, thanks to patented ultrasonic sensing
  • no moving parts
  • easy to clean
  • high durability
  • corrosion-resistant
  • largely unaffected by gas
  • composition
  • marginal pressure loss easy adjustment of
  • parameters with HART
  • interface



Primarily single-phase gas mixtures with air, nitrogen, oxygen, methane, natural gas, flare gas, ammonia, argon, carbon monoxide, water vapor, as dominant components; combustion gas, biogas, fermentation gas, sewer gas.


Other gases and gas mixtures on request.