Aqualimpia Engineering (AQL) services for THE DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF biogas plants and UASB reactors

We develop the  pre-feasibility, feasibility study, conceptual design, 3D presentation, detailed designs, construction of tropicalized industrial digesters and UASB treatment plants based on German technologies. As a general rule, for all projects we first develop the feasibility study and conceptual or detailed design to build the projects according to the specific requirements of each client.


PROJECT SCHEDULE – from  inicial consultation to final inspection.

From consulting and design to production andassembly, we offer total concepts,

which cover the full range of the construction 


The feasibility study always includes  the cost-benefit financial analysis so that the client has the certainty of the profitability of his project. The detailed design includes the preparation of the hydraulic, constructive, structural, electrical and process drawings. We include in the design the 3D project and a presentation video.


In the group of consultants, we have always integrated local technicians for the calculation of budgets and the electric system for compliance with the regulations of each country. The construction of the projects is done with the support of companies and local staff, to reduce investment costs. Many times during the construction of the projects, the client participate and performs the excavation or civil works under the supervision of Aqualimpia.


We also offer the service for the evaluation of the operation of digesters and treatment plants that are not working properly or which are no longer in operation due to operational or design faults. We optimize the operation of biodigesters and UASB treatment plants.


We repair and reconstruct   digesters that are out of service and optimize those that do not produce enough biogas. 



Consulting services - Frasibility study and final design for "Palmeras de la Costa / Colombia". Covered lagoon digester for POME, coverede laggon digester 12,000m3. Energy generation 1 MW.

UASB 3D design

UASB reactor 3D design - El Salvador